AIR Studios Mastering (UK) – a division of the world-famous AIR Studios started by Beatles producer George Martin, specialising in analogue and digital mastering, providing high-end audio services to the world’s music industry, from independent artists to major labels.

Our services include:

      • Vinyl Cutting
      • CD mastering
      • Digital download
      • Stem mastering
      • Mastered For iTunes (Certified)

Our engineers include Ray Staff & John Webber who have over 50 years of experience between them.


Professional audio mastering is the last part of the sound production process where recordings are given a final gloss. Our role is to bring multiple songs together within a project, creating consistency across different formats and ensuring greatest possible impact when played on different systems. All commercially available music will have been mastered and it’s essential in getting the best results for your audio product.

Using a full range, speaker-monitoring system in an acoustically treated room, our experienced ear will polish your music for release. Each mastering project is different and our extensive range of audio processors (both analogue & digital) allow us to cater for all styles and work with a range of formats such as Vinyl, CD, Tape & DAT.

Common practices can be applied during mastering including: equalization, compression, editing, stereo enhancing, limiting, noise reduction, and restoration. It’s a creative and technical process. No two tracks are the same, each track is treated individually and this requires changing and well-maintained solutions to make sure of the best results. All of which is made possible at AIR Studios Mastering.

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